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Here you will find everything you always wanted to know about winchropes. No, not the old fashioned ones out of steel, the real ones, made out of synthetic fibre! 


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We sell the following winch ropes:

Diameter Breaking strenght Price/meter (ex. VAT)
* 3 mm 650 kg € 0,45
* 4 mm 1450 kg € 0,65
* 5 mm 3000 kg € 0,93
* 6 mm 4000 kg € 1,20
* 7 mm 6100 kg € 1,45

5 mm is our best selling rope!
Other diameters/configurations on request.

All ropes are 12 strand braided, coated and pre-stretched. We offer ropes in any lenght up to 2500 meters in increments of 50 meters, with a minimum of 750 meters.


Normal delivery time is 6 weeks. Express orders will be send within a day (additional costs of 175 Euros).


The prices are somewhat indicative. Actual prices may deviate a bit. Please ask for a quotation including actual shipping costs. You will be answered within a day!